A family history

Jon Bratt and his father, Walter Bratt founded Bratt Tree Company in 1991. Jon's brother Stan joined the company the following year, after serving in the U.S. Air Force.The small basement business in the Longfellow community of south Minneapolis has steadily grown.

Jon still maintains the same friendly and reliable service that fueled their expansion. As Jon states, "We have the proper equipment, skills and experience to provide you with the most reliable, expert and efficient tree service possible." This includes difficult jobs like the removal of large trees from the small backyards of city homes.

Our historic office

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

From a one truck, one chipper, summer operation, Bratt Tree has expanded over the last 20 years into a busy, year-round multi-employee company with offices at 2230 East 35th Street. Stop by and see the historic transformation of the old Pure Oil Station, now Bratt Tree Company's main office (pictured above).

Meet owner Jon Bratt


I started doing tree work in September of 1985 for a company called Shade Tree, trimming trees away from power lines for Northern States Power Company. I soon started trimming and removing trees for the public in the evenings and weekends, and by 1991, Bratt Tree Company was born. Over the years we have built up an array of equipment suited to the small back yards of South Minneapolis, and I have become a certified arborist. I really enjoy the puzzle of every tree; How healthy is it?; What has happened to it over the years?; What is the best pruning for it, or, often, how can we remove it safely and efficiently at the lowest cost to the owner? In my spare time I enjoy running, fishing, canoeing, gardening and cooking.